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It's been a wonderful two months, spending time with family & friends, last minute travels & even making leeway on a lot of work projects.  But alas I'm back to my antisocial mode, spending much more time at home, cooking a bit more and of course catching up on sports and games.  

It's appalling that it took me this long to start Gears of War 3 and order Rage (incredible INCREDIBLE game btw).  Some of the highlights of the days leading into fall included the going to the Chargers vs KC game, eating great noms, rediscovering & revisiting my favorite cities (including home) and kick starting new projects.

In sports: I still can't believe the Mayweather or the Bernard Hopkins fight, both instances makes me not want to watch boxing anymore.  Blown away by the last UFC card, b/c Maynard and Edgar always put on a good fight. Football... well it's been one unpredictable season thus far.  

Speaking of sports, my friend turned me onto this new way of sports betting that seems pretty interesting.  Currently I think it resides overseas but is accessible here.  The concept  is fairly simple, all the betting takes place in live time, where you answer questions and bet on live gameplay dynamics.  So the betting changes with each minute of the game and in an interactive way.  I think the whole concept of betting seems to scare people away, Play Jackpot seems to approach it in a casual social way.

Well dear readers, Happy Monday and it's back to work this evening.  I'm quite sad at my Dolphins today, but I endured their 1-16 season, and like any other teams I love, good or bad I'll still be a fan.

Lots of photos to come, Chargers game, MCR concert and of course more noms.

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