My Chemical Romance Live


I don't think there's anything quite as magical as a concert experience, where you get to hear your favorite songs echo through the stadium in open air and just feel the magnitude of the energy being given out.  I've been to a lot of concerts that had grand productions (Metallica/Janet Jackson know how to put on a good show), but my favorites are still the very personal and effortless ones (Miyavi and MCR).

Seeing My Chemical Romance on their Civic Tour was incredible and I almost forgot how much they give on stage.  Gerard Way bleeds with every note he sings.

Oh ya.. Blink 182 was there too (I don't care for them live) ;) Matt and Kim are a great duo w/ amazing energy.

It's been a rough couple weeks and MCR has been on the playlist non stop.   Here are some songs they sang and some of my favorites.

(I lost my voice and almost flew while singing this song. Famous Last Words)

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