The 11th Day of a Beautiful Christmas


It's true what they say, that the holidays are quite magical and it's amazing the types of surprises and serendipitous events that await just around the corner.

Last year during the holidays, I jet set off to New York, hoping that the city's festivities, decorations, and beautiful sites would help me find that Christmas spirit.  This year without delay, the tingly holiday feeling, knocked me off my feet before December even began.

This year especially, I can't begin to describe how fortunate I feel and how blessed I am.  When I least expect it, friends and family pow me over the head with their awesomeness!

I came home yesterday to a big package on my door step and it turned out to be a surprise gift from a faraway friend.  I read the note 8 times over, smiled with glee and even wondered how she knew I was obsessed with glitter nail polish ♥♥♥

Earlier in the week I received flowers and with it came the most perfect note "the best gifts are the ones you least expect."

Thank you Jane for putting a smile on my face and making the holidays that much brighter <3

P.S Louis LOVES his new toy.

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