Versace for H&M Morning Mayhem


I'll never be able to explain why in the name of fashion would any of us ever forgo sleep to wait in line, but in the end, the laughs and spectacles alone made it worth it.

Unlike last year when we came for the Lanvin collection, we were well prepared this time around.

I think all of us wanted to murder the damned ebayers up in front, but despite the immense hoarding everyone was doing, we were all able to get a good selection of items from the collection. I got a few jewelry pieces, the pleated silk skirt and a men's button up shirt.

By 8am we were all a little delirious, hungry and tired but man was it ever great fun.

Next up Marni!!!!!

Finally catching up on a lot of posts, more noms and antics to come. Till then I'm wrapping presents, heading to Canada soon and so enjoying the holiday season.

<3 chow

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