Family Noms


It's my last night in Canada and though I've fallen off the blogging grid for a few days, I wanted to post some noms we had last night with my family.

Although I adore food from all over the world, particularly French and Italian cuisines, Asian food will always be my true love.

I hate how the pictures turned out so yellow because of the lighting. It's hard to see but the fried rice has sprinkles of caviar throughout.

Along with the rice, the Japanese mushrooms and the snow pea leaves were my favorites.

Scallops and broccoli and I really need to learn how they prepared the chicken feet. It was done in an almost Thai way with diced veggies and fish sauce.

I could eat jellyfish daily.

Well it's off to packing and a nap, definitely been lacking in the sleep department. Will check back in soon with more updates and pix from this amazing trip.

Here's some tea for one, my favorite song to lay back and stare at the ceiling too.

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