Friends and Faces in the City


It's that time of year again where I live out of my suitcase and scramble to get everything going for the holidays. Surprisingly, I've been on top of gifts, letters and even photos (especially when friends grab my memory card and say "give me now!")  I still have pictures from Asia that I haven't completely gone through.  
It's been uber awesome though catching up with friends, eating and just having nights of endless laughs.

It's been a while but I finally got together with one of my closest friends for the recent UFC fight and I was quite smitten with the view from his loft.  I always joke with him about how he has to be the gayest straight male I know, because of his attention to the types of fabrics and accessories I wear. We've shared a decade of eating antics and I always joke that if ever there was a time of crisis, I'd raid his closet because he's one of the few males that appreciate proper trouser socks and mixing textures.

I just got back from Canada and next week it's Vegas for New Years, in fact I'll probably keep a lot of the same items in the suitcase :P 


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