Au Revoir Snow Bonjour Rain


It feels like I've been gone forever, eventhough it's only been 10days, and though the city is aching for sun and warm weather, I was quite pleased to come back to heavy rain and cloudy skies.

I'm not sure why, but everytime I come back into town, I like to stop by Au Revoir, have a glass of C'est la vie or a mimosa and just unwind, catching up with a friend.

Ordered this time: Duck in a chocolate sauce over arugula, lavender fries, sautéed green beans and my friend had the mousse which tastes like ice cream.

It's been and going to be a crazy packed week filled with work, projects, crossfit and gaming. I imagine I'll be quite anti social for the next months, but I'm kinda welcoming that home alone time with random encounters with company over drinks or UFC nights.

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