The Little Fuzzy Things

There are times during travel where you want to fine dine, see every monument, shop till no end and paint the town red once the sun sets.  Then there are those times, usually some of the best times, where you want to roll around laughing and playing like a kid and mostly just enjoying the little things.  
Over a bottle of Malbec and sliced prosciutto, we blacked out all the windows and did what I haven't done in years, had a lan party and played games for hours on end.  The past couple days have been all about the simple pleasures and odd things that make you laugh till your sides hurt.

And of course... sometimes the best noms are the home mades ones, the bad ones and the ones around the corner from home. 
Tuna/Salmon/Hamachi Tatake and Beef Tatki 

I made a quick breakfast: Poached egg over smoked salmon and tomatoes, Italian Sausage, lemon pepper asparagus and roasted garlic sauteed spinach.  

I can't come to Canada and not have fries and gravy.  Too bad I can't have cheese. 

The best home made noodles/sauce I've had. <3

Cheers to ze Hot Dog >.< 

My other nostalgic love, Second Cup's Iced Mocha.  

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