Postcards from Canada


It's been quite the eventful trip so far, with a good mixture of work, play and of course endless eating. After spending a couple days in Calgary, I headed up to Edmonton for a wedding and a quick weekend visit with friends and family.

The hours and days kind of blend when you're constantly laughing and having a good time.

So here are some postcards with love from the cold north.

Leaving rainy San Diego for snowy Canada.

While getting gas, I saw this iconic fried chicken place across the street. The front door has a giant chicken mascot wearing a flames hockey jersey. Note I didn't eat all or even most of this myself. In fact I had no idea that all their chicken comes with fries and corn fritters.

No trip up here would be complete without a visit to Corso 32. The squid ink pasta, chocolate torte and whitefish were nothing short of drool worthy foodie love.

As a side hobby/project to this trip, I picked up a blinging medium format camera to shoot with. There have been quite a few film mishaps and probably many more poorly exposed ones, but I'm excited to see what good ones come out. I havent shot or worked with film in ages.

Cheers till next time

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