Take Me Out to the Fair

When I think of carnivals and fairs I think of the Las Vegas strip, but on a psychedelic acid trip.

Like clockwork every year, we kick off summer first with E3 (pix to come) and then the SD fair (formally called the Del Mar Fair). While I don't eat the fried *insert food of choice*  , I tend to stick to BBQ, and have fun watching my friends with iron stomachs omnomnom the fun stuff of the fair.

- I should stop going on the ferris wheel because it's terrifying and I scream like a girl.

- somehow getting sucked into carnival games is so much more fun when 5 othe friends get sucked in too.

- spending $35 altogether to try and win a giant plush animal pillow is totally worth it.

- you have to tell them to not put BBQ sauce all over everything, otherwise they'll drown your meet.

- unrelated: really hates the smell of McDonalds.

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