Eat. Drink. Share. 100 Wines.


If bacon is considered by many, as the candy of the meat world, then bone marrow would be my butter and jam.  That's how I was introduced to 100 Wines by a friend, "we should eat here, they have great wine and your favorite, bone marrow!"

I met with a client turned girlfriend last night for Friday night catch up, design talk and conversations over a couple glasses of Bordeaux.  What was quite serendipitous is that it was their last night of San Diego restaurant week, which I figured I missed out on due to travels and a hectic work schedule.  

I take pre-fix menus with a grain of salt because, like a poorly made crab cake, they usually are tempting on the surface, but once you bite in, there's a lot of fluff and fillers.  

100 Wines however actually featured great eats.  The highlight of my night was the Pork Osso Bucco, which is usually on the menu for $17, so the $30 for 4 courses was a steal! Also amazing, were the lamb meatballs with greek yogurt and I couldn't get enough of the lentil crisps, hummus and garlic chickpeas.

The restaurant, which is humble in size, has a cozy and inviting feel, executed by beautiful rustic decor and subtle charms.  I love their wall statement "Eat. Drink. Share" which embodies what nomming (eating) is all about.  

They're incredibly busy, so call ahead to put your name on the waiting list, otherwise you'll be spending 1.5 hours (on a weekend night) standing around.  Fortunately they have a bar with an abundance of wine.  

Like Au Revoir, this place is going to be frequently visited.  The service is amazing, the owner exuded love and passion for what he does and the best part? When I asked to pack what was left of the hummus to go, they ended up packing me a brand new full container of it, with a box of their lentil crisps.  

The chocolate pot de creme with peanut butter brittle was AWESOMESAUCE. 

Thank you 100 Wines for a great night, it was good being in your company while enjoying soul satisfying food/wine.

There's an abundance of Chicago posts to come, but I figured I'd add a review of a place closer to home. Happy Weekend.


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