Thinking of You From NYC


There's something about taking a trip to this city that always brings upon on onslaught of self reflection, inspiration and thought.

It seems to always happen the same way. I spend the first day feeling like I'm maybe not seeing enough, eating enough or doing enough... Or even perhaps I get disappointed in the fact that I'm not glowing in electric excitement like the city. Then day 2 or 3 rolls around and it all feels like magic.

The past few days have gone by so fast and I wish I had a laptop with me to upload the amazing photos each night. I've actually been thinking how the hell am I going to blog about this trip and show the hojillion photos and amazing eats.

It may just be that I'll need to do a photo diary 1,2,3,4,5... >_<

I'm not sure what I was thinking booking ORD, JFK, YYG, LAS, SFO, CDG and LHR all for the end of this year but I think I've had the travel itch for sometime and something in me just wanted to noms everywhere ahah.

I think the best part of all this is catching up with old faces, getting food/must see recommendations from everyone and sharing that and all these travel sights.

Aaaand like true New York fashion a quick stop home, just means a quicker head out for drinks and more noms. Cheers and love!

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