Chicago Photo Diary




I can't begin to describe my love for this city.  The city, the history, the food, the buildings, the art, the people and so much more.  I think Frank Sinatra said it best when he sang "This is my kinda town, Chicago is!"

The minute I got on the plane to leave, I already had it in my head that I'll be back sooner than later.

Some of my favorite highlights include:
- The food at Quartino's (Duck prosciutto, Gnocchi, Zeppole mmm)
- Taking the water taxi to China town to eat home made noodles
- Renting bikes and cruising all over downtown
- Drinks at the Plaza grill under the bean.
- Lounge at the top of the Hancock
- Taking the train in and out of Mt. Prospect
- Many many chill moments.

So like summer, I bid Chicago a "seeya later", in a couple days it'll be on to noms another city.  The big apple.

Cheers and love

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