Sushi Dokoro Shirahama


Not all sushi is created equal. In fact, whenever friends and I exchange dialogue on the various things we've found on sale, there are two things that hardly come up, medical services and restaurant raw fish.

This restaurant came recommended as a hidden gem, that serves up an authentic sushi eating experience and amazing quality food.

Whenever I try out a new sushi place, I prefer to order "Omakase" style and let the chef decide what's best. The upside of this is that the Chef tends to really pick unique items for your tasting pleasure.

Highlights of my favorites included: Monkfish liver, roe, geoduck, many types of mackerel, uni and live abalone.

The alternate side to ordering this way is that chances are, you're getting higher priced cuts of fish, to which you may not always like and your bill will very much likely be a surprise.

While this place is not suitable for a budget conscious night, it's hard for me to base my review purely on the cost. They serve quality/unique eats and I appreciate to no end, their love for food and the chef's resistance to serving concoctions of rolls, out of his refusal of diluting the true taste of the fish.

There's a lot of best practices, surrounding how you eat your sushi, that you'll be reminded of. The nigiri sushi comes with a hint of wasabi on the rice, don't ask for a side of it, they want you to taste the fish. THEY DON'T MAKE ROLLS, so don't ask. Dip your sushi, fish side first, into the soy sauce. Oh and did I mention, don't ask for California/catapillar/dynamite or whatever rolls, because you may just be asked to leave.

Overall the food was good and I adore the traditions and integrity of the food being prepared. There's something truly unique about the experience of eating here.  Just be warned that the pricing isn't evident with each item you order and it's definitely not for the feint of heart.

I'm slowly working through my NYC photos and catching up on posts.

Till next time,

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