Frenemies, Football and Food - Postcards from Chargers vs Broncos


I've been told many times that "some people will just never get along." Especially when it comes to sports.  In fact, at times it feels as if the borders that separate the fans of different sports teams, are even more vast than those that separate countries.  

Other times, all it takes are a few drinks, a bucket of popcorn and the same burning fury of passion for a particular sport, to make friends among enemies.  In this case, a few Broncos, Vikings and Charger fans.  

After a heavy dose of NFL AM, Sportscenter and NFL All Access, my poor little heart can no longer handle re-living how yesterday's game went.  Despite watching my team epic fail, I had a great time. 

Conversations of food, travel & other sports thrived, in-between the incessant amounts of "OMFG, OMG" and profanities being yelled.

Some of my favorite moments included seeing the team kneel in the endzone praying and gathering thoughts before the game, the planes flying by right after the national anthem, the endless popcorn, fellow fans showing team spirit nearby and the teams kneeling with one another after the game.

After a long lineup to take the train home, we ended the night ranting about football and enjoying Thai food.

NYC is still being edited and will probably be multiple posts because there was just so much goodness there.

Happy Day and I still love my Chargers.  

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