Sweat, Iron, Pop Tarts and Pizza


Have you ever stepped right to the edge of something that both excited, calmed and terrified you all at the same time? 

Whenever I speak to performers, athletes, competitors of sorts and adrenaline junkies, it's that moment right before the curtain opens, before the action takes place, that is the most humbling and strengthening all at the same time.  Often times, it's that split second before the gunshot or before you even put your hands on the barbell, that truly sets the pace for what will happen next. 

I like to think of this second, as the true moment of greatness.  

I went to an Olympic competition yesterday to shoot and support fellow lifters move massive iron, where I got to witness a lot of these making and breaking moments take place.  

As usual I have a massive amount of photos to sort through, but my favorite ones are the ones that captured the intensity the athlete had with the bar, just moments before even attempting to move it. 

Watching some of the individuals lift was like pure poetry.  Their rhythmic breathing breaking the silence of the room, chalk falling from their hands, sometimes a little prayer and then the last bit of tension being pulled out of the bar before the big explosion.  

Drive Pop PUNCH as my coach would say :)

I'm not sure if it's pure coincidence or not, but every time the lifters get together, a box of pop tarts magically appears.  During the break I got to noms down some pizza and wings at Pizza Port. 

Just finished the breast cancer 5k and a fun burpee box jump WOD, time to go eat, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments.  The rest of the photos, NYC posts and more to come. 

Much love, happy NFL Sunday

shout out to my favorite online place to hang out. Lift Big Eat Big

I'm so bummed that photo #13 is so badly composed w/ his hands cut off.  This pic actually happened by accident when I was adjusting the settings and hit the shutter.  But his expression was so epic, I had to include it.

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