PizzArte: NYC Diary Prologue


I'm starting to believe that there are very few things that good eats and a nice glass of wine can't make better.  

Finally finishing sorting through my NYC photos, my biggest trouble is deciding how to share all of it (I disklike the typical Facebook photo dump). There's enough content for at least 5 blogs, based on just food alone.  So the next few will highlight some of my favorites and then I'll post a massive photo diary, like I did for Chicago.

PizzArte! This was one of those unintentionally visited places. *note plan for this day was to see a friend, visit the MOMA and then go to the ballet, all plans derail* Getting off the train on 57th, I found myself amidst a giant flea market and meeting with an old friend for a quick lunch.

Looking for a place to eat, I saw this chic, two story place, with a catchy name.  In we went.  The modern decor, Italian speaking folks and beautiful bar definitely set the mood for a nice lunch over wine.  

Sadly my friend had already eaten and was sick, but that just meant more for me, huzzah! What was ordered:
- Bruschetta with truffle, cherry tomatoes, greens and Prosciutto (AMAZING!)
- Pollipetti Alla Luciana (baby octopus, Sicilian capers and Gaeta Olives (one of the most tender octopus dishes I've ever had)
- Cavatelli con Piselli (home madepasta with green peas and pancetta) Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for home made noodles?

The food was reasonably priced for what you receive and the quality of the ingredients.  I love random discovered good eats.
In typical fashion I made friends with the table behind us, a New York author who writes about pups and loves her dog, and a Norwegian fellow fitness buff.

That's the next best thing about travelling, meeting new people and creating conversation over eating.  

Sending love from the cold north 

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