a Little Sugar in My Bowl: Edmonton, Canada


I think Nina Simone was onto something when she sang about a "bit of sweetness down in her soul." It was a brisk winter day in Canada and a few of us tucked into a small bar/restaurant to catch up, have a couple drinks and share some laughs, while watching the snow fall. 

I think the gentle snowfall and white landscape is what added charm to this semi hipster yet cottage like place.  The wood furnishings, close up rock concert photos adorned on the wall, open kitchen and well stocked bar was perfectly cute and cozy.  You know, the type of place you want to spend the afternoon away in.  

It was exactly the charming atmosphere that had me torn between ordering coffee or having a beer.  Fortunately, good friends share.. so I had both :) 

What came highly suggested and something I always have to order, when I see it on a menu, is the chicken and waffles.  The waffles were divine. Slightly crisp upon biting, the batter was nice and sweet and the inside warm and fluffy.  The maple butter, a bit dense and sweet but a fork drizzle amount, was tasty.

The chicken.. ahh the chicken.

I wanted it to be good, I wanted to love it, and it wasn't bad but just not quite there.  The batter was quite scarce on the chicken breast, and I'm a firm believer that chicken and waffles should always have either the whole chicken or at least the legs.  It was also a bit dry.  I was also unsure what to do with the vegetables, as putting maple butter on a spring mix salad would be dense and awkward.. and I wouldn't really pair it with the waffles.  

Now the lamb burger, that was something else.  Flavorful, not too gamey (although we like that) and perfectly cooked.  I didn't eat the bun, but tasted the patty.  The person who ordered said, it may very well be one of the best lamb burgers he's tried.  

This was one of those places that I'd love to go back to, especially for the waffles and atmosphere.  Their beer selection was impressive and house coffee not too bad either. 

I'm off to another city this weekend, so follow my twitter for updates on noms and fun.  Happy Friday and when I'm back, I'll post the remaining NYC travel diary, a few more from Canada and hopefully a few local SD restaurants before taking off again. 

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