NYC Photo Diary: MOMA'ing Around


I've been told that when it comes to travels, I'm not good at sticking to the plan.  I'd like to believe though, that it's not due to a lack of regard for time established events, but more so due to that when I'm in another city, I like to let the day dictate how things will transpire.

I always seem to meet the most amazing people and stumble upon the coolest adventures when I'm trying the least to dictate what I should see.

On my second last day in NYC, I took the F train to 57th and decided that I would spend the day around and at the MOMA moseying around.  

The museum wasn't open till around 10, so I plugged in my headphones, listened to music and with a bounce in my step, danced around the area while snapping pictures.  

That's the cool thing about New York, you can sing & dance your heart out, act a fool and no one really minds or cares that you're crazy.

After a couple hours of checking out the art, hunger kicked in and I ended up at "The Modern" at a small table by the bar.

What was intended as a quick bite and some water, turned into a 2.5hour afternoon of beautiful conversation with the couple next to me.  They work in the fashion industry as purveyors of bespoke designs and were so incredibly charming and free spirited.

Over the course of a few Manhattans (seriously one of the best I've had in quite some time), an amazing spicy steak tartare with a quail egg and a delightfully fresh salmon dish, we laughed, shared heartfelt stories, became inspired and most importantly.. connected in a city that most people stereotype as unfriendly.

After the wrapping up the MOMA, I headed over to the top of the Rock to do a handstand and watch the sunset.

Just another small epic part of my trip to NYC. As always more to come.

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