Fire Kirin: Front Row to Where the Magic Happens


I've come to find that love and passion for any particular thing, especially something as enjoyable as food, can sometimes lead to a bit of snobbery.

We/I fall victim to predisposed notions of what makes certain foods authentic and stereotypes of how certain dining experiences should be.  

I've often shied away from restaurants who's menu is described by the combination of words, contemporary and Chinese.  Mostly because in my experience, contemporary often means upscale and when this is combined with Chinese food, for some reason the flavors seem.. dare I say.. un-authentic?

But this is what eating is all about, because once in a while you find that one place that takes what you "think you know about food" and turns it around. 

While visiting Calgary, Canada, a fellow noodle enthusiast (whom I often hunt for restaurants serving home made noodles with) suggested Fire Kirin.  If you call 2 hours ahead of time (because home made noodles are not on the menu), the chef can personally prepare hand pulled noodles for you.      

I was lucky enough to be invited back into the kitchen to watch Chef Ken work his magic first hand.  He had the dough made, where he then rolled it out, added oil and then began pulling, tossing and stretching the dough in the most beautiful ways.  

There were quite a few shots I missed just because I was so enamored with the fluidity of the movement.  More than anything though, what I loved witnessing and what these pictures don't capture enough, is the Chef's joy and love for what he does.   While working the dough, he shared stories of his noodle making days and various expositions he's done.  

In addition to the noodles (which came with the most incredible sauce), we ordered a soup, Luc Lac beef dish, green beans and lamb skewers (which were my second favorite).   He surprised us with a delightful treat, a lychee gelatin dessert.

In comparison to all of the home made noodles I've ever tried, the sauce on this dish is probably ranked the best, I would have liked if the noodles were thicker/firmer, but that's all based on personal preference.  

The pricing at this restaurant is fairly reasonable and the decor and lighting make for a chic and ambient atmosphere.  

What I experienced that night is what made me fall in love with eating/blogging in the first place.  Going beyond just the walls and tables of a restaurant and really getting to know the people behind the food, discovering their passion and appreciating their craft.  

Fire Kirin
#500-12101 Lake Fraser Dr. SE

Calgary AB, T2J-7G4

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