Google IO Photo Diary



The saying goes "work hard, play harder" what Google IO taught me? "Work creatively smart THEN party with even more creativity." 

That's it? Of course not.

It's hard to encompass and express everything I experienced and learned about at Google IO, not just because of the massive amount of content packed into the 4 days there, but because after I digested all the tech info, sessions, lessons and imagery, it was more of a feeling and an invigorated perspective that I was left with. 

Spending nearly a week with developers, designers, product owners, and individuals of the like, who all share the same desire for innovation, was like being in 6th grade camp again, except with awesome nerds, more fun and much cooler activities. 

I also love that Googlers know how to throw a soiree and they love to eat!

#IO13 highlights: 
  • Making new friends
  • Basically sitting stage side at the keynote and seeing Larry Page up close
  • The fireside chat with both the Android and Google+ team
  • Meeting/working/designing with various developers/designers in sessions/code labs
  • Finding out that many other people fell asleep in the photosphere too
  • Post conference drinks/eats meetup with the Android team and getting to shop talk with them
  • Nerding out on design talk with other designers
  • Twitter HQ mobile showcase
  • Gorging on coffee and snacks from those amazing bins
  • AN AMAZING AFTERHOURS party with robots that made drinks, boxing robots, giant electric musical Tesla Coils, a light up disco floor made from pods, trains, BILLY IDOL and Steve Aioki! 
  • Playing Ingress throughout the city
  • Being reminded why I love what I do and how much I  my fellow designers and appreciate the developers I work with. 
Time to go design something :D
xoo chow

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