Alexander McQueen Python Manta Finally In


Amidst my work today, the Santa named Mr. Postman dropped off a beautiful box from Alexander McQueen.  Three months ago I wrote about my instant obsession with one of McQueen's final collections, his trip to Poseidon's water world for SS10.  The Python | Snake print has been widely yearned and sought after by fashion fans and celebs alike.  Although the Python print can be found on leggings, dresses, shirts and accessories, "Every print is unique, engineered specifically for each individual garment," or accessory.

Upon gently unfolding the intricately patterned wrapping paper and pulling the clutch out of the dustbag, I was stunned.  This bag looks even more vibrant and immaculate in person than in the pictures.  One thing though is that it is huge.  It's actually larger than my Ombre Prada Clutch, which already can hold a full organizer wallet, organizer and more.  The bag is made from a dark chocolate leather, and wrapped in a silk. I hope I never snag this thing on anything, as I'd be devastated if a thread was pulled and disrupted the flawless pattern.  Despite it taking 3 months, and the L.A and Las Vegas store only receiving about 5, I'm incredibly ecstatic to own a piece from one of McQueen's final collections. 

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Although the online store,  and physical stores don't have any shown or instock, a few have periodically made their way to ebay but are starting at $800 ($300 more than the store). 

I know, two fashion posts in one day and I haven't even written my thoughts on the power packed UFC 115 yet, where it had one of the best under-cards I've seen in a while.  I've finally loaded the hojillion pictures took at UFC fan expo so will be updating those probably this evening as well.  

Till next time this chow is gonna go hunt down coffee.

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